When the Waves Break

So tell me what happens when the waves break and you’re surrounded Andrew Belle Currently the smooth sounds of Andrew Belle have been the music continually playing and painting a soundscape of this season of life. Today was no exception. I tiptoed my way, a little wide-eyed and cautiously, into the vastness that is the…

Here’s To the Ones Who Dream

Summer Sunday nights | We’d sink into our seats | Right as they dimmed out all the lights | A Technicolor world made out of music and machine | It called me to be on that screen | And live inside each scene | And live inside each scene was exactly what I spent the…

For the Twenty Somethings

A golden birthday. Lines of song about life turning this story gold. Vast layers of thoughts, emotions, classic uncovering of the design within, all combining to form a weight of living. Some days it’s too much for one story to take in. Welcome to my ramblings on the whole twenty somethings phase and growing up….

P.S. You’re Enough

As we head into this Christmas season, this Advent time of waiting, this almost-but-not-yet the sparkling new year, will you join me? Will you write down those dreams, dare to make a vision for your wildest and most creative hopes? Because the world needs more of us doing what makes us and our stories most alive.

Changing Rhythms to Live the Life You’d Imagined

For fellow dreamers, idealists, the ones with huge plans and massive expectations, the ones feeling stuck in the way life is going. This is for you. Part One || The Wakeup Call One day, caught up in the exhaustion, all of the living off of espresso, throwing around the words busy and tired like job…